Steven Unleash the light

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, “is an original game of the Cartoon Network, co-written by Rebecca Sugar, where players select their favorite characters, choose which Gems are in their squad, unlock awesome new capabilities and equip alternative costumes in the ultimate mobile role-playing game.

This begins with Steven finishing writing new rules for Era 3 in the Diamond Throne Room at Gem Homeworld, followed by Blue Pearl, Yellow Pearl and Pink Pearl. Although Yellow Pearl spoke about two Light Prisms still active and she contacted two Gems called Pyrope and Demantoid; she was unsuccessful so far. Blue Pearl suggests they could send a battalion to capture the Prisms by force which Steven disagrees with if they don’t respond. Pink Pearl is wondering what is the right solution and Steven is saying that he knows the right team for the job.

On landing, the Gems find the colony in ruins and are puzzled when the residents seem to be concerned about talking to a number of Jades. One Jade confirms that the Palace of Light was once on the earth and was not allowed to receive broadcasts or leave. The team finds another band of light constructs after entering the colony that have taken the forms of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven to battle them. They then set their sights on the Light Palace to open all the doors and face-to-face confront Pyrope.

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